Solenoid Valve Panel

Solenoid Valve Panel (SVP) comprises of both Hydraulic and Electric sections and are designed to suit project & customer’s requirement. The Electric section is designed to IP44 protection as standard and consists of all electrical components necessary for the Remote Valve Control System. PLC Remote I/O can be incorporated at this section to enable various types of Remote Valve Control configuration and system processing capabilities.

The Hydraulic section houses the hydraulics circuits and low leakage directional valves to control the hydraulic actuators.

Main Features of Solenoid Valve Panel :

  • Low leakage directional valves for better performance and extended lifespan of the hydraulics system.
  • Pulse control philosophy for low operating temperature and extended life of solenoid valve coils.
  • Full manual override control at solenoid valve panel.
  • Easy and simple upgrade from hardwired control to Processor based control system.
  • Simple conversion to intrinsically safe system for hazardous area installation.

Solenoid Valve Panels standard models & range :

  • SVP60, (Control up to 60 valve loops)
  • SVP72, (Control up to 72 valve loops)
  • SVP96, (Control up to 96 valve loops)
  • SVP120 (Control up to 120 valve loops)

*Customized models and capacity are available where required.

Technical Data – Solenoid Valve Panel (SVP)

Panel Protection Standard IP44 (Higher rating on request)
Operating Pressure 60 to 135bars
Test Pressure 200bars
Pipe Connection Stainless Steel fittings (Side entry)
Cable Entry Cable Gland Bottom or Top Entry
Control Full remote & Local control with Manual override and Emergency operation feature
Approvals Major Class Approval

Illustration of Solenoid Valve Panel