Level Measurement

Level measurement – LNG tank

VEGAPULS 63 Type Radar Sensor
Medium temperature for LNG up to –175°C

Level measurement – Bitumen tankers

Cargo tanks are heated for transporting bitumen – the usual storage temperature of the product is approx. +170 °C to +190 °C. The material is liquid and pumpable only at these temperatures. Heating is supplied via coiled, multi-layered heating tubes mounted on the floor and sides of the container. To guarantee optimum utilisation of the tanks as well as a safe ship attitude, the levels in the bitumen tanks are monitored continuously during loading and unloading.

Level measurement – Heavy Lifters

Heavy lifters ships are characterized by their large number of ballast water tanks. These make it possible to lower the ship until the main deck is up to 30 m below the water level. This allows large floating loads to be taken on board.

The load is then lifted out of the water and balanced by pumping out or blowing out the ballast water tanks. To avoid damage to the ballast water tanks from overpressure or vacuum, the internal tank pressures and levels are continuously monitored.

The measurement technology and its wiring is installed in service tunnels, as all space on deck is needed for the payloads